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In order to provide a service to everyone who needs better rankings on Google and more bookings we came up with a mix of solutions you can choose from to achieve that!

As you know it is quite difficult to find a respected company who knows the SEO, but especially knows it in the nautical industry!

Keeping this in mind we come up to 3 possible solutions we can offer to clients:

  • SEO service-  it is a long term option with a long term vision. This is a great solution for disciplined customers, with a long term vision, who want to be in good future shape, take this as an investment opportunity and are ready to take risks and make continuous efforts and improvements (unique/viral content, testimonials, technical issues, etc).
  • Leads Solution- you are paying fix amount per lead to the SEO company which provides you with leads you need to convert to bookings
  • Booking Solution- you are paying fix amount per booking. In this case SEO company manages the lead, converts into a booking and hands over the client to you for the post booking process

What solution is your medicine for SEO ?

Mix and match and let us know on

Your BoatBooker team!

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