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Select the right mix of products and services that best suit your needs.

  Basic Sync OUT (1) Basic Sync IN (1) Office Package Web Package
Monthly Fee from 1 € from 5 € from 65 € from 95 €
Fleet Distribution
Planning Tables
Agents Database*
Nautical CRM    
System Activation
& Education*
Brand Customization Pack*
Client Pages  
Web Widgets -
1 Website
Newsletter -
500 Subscribers
Special Discounts
Booking Assistant
Newsletter -
Unlimited Subscribers
Web Widgets -
Multiple Websites
Fleet Website*

(1) Price varies depending on the fleet size and boat type.

*Product Set-up fees
System Activation & Education 200 €
Brand Customization Pack
from 80 €
Agents Database 950 €
Ready to Go website
1250 €
Premium web
from 5000 €
Fleet Certification 200 € annually


 Basic SyncOUT
SYNC OUT - Partners will have a possibility to be synced out to any system of their choice. Partners get access to essential fleet operator tools such as Planning Table. Planning table is designed to increase the visibility of your fleet to Charter Agencies and get more inquiries if they are filled with real time bookings and options.

 Basic SyncIN
SYNC IN - Partners can be synced in from other systems while receiving all the features from the previous package.

 Office Package
In addition to previous tiers, OFFICE Partners also get access to powerful Newsletter tools to keep in touch with Charter Agents and direct clients, as well as to effectively promote attractive boat offers (last minutes, early bookings and similar discounts) with our Special Discount tool. Additionally, the Booking Assistant back office solution makes it easy to track all inquiries, offers and bookings in a central place.

 Web Package
Fleet Operators who opt for WEB PACKAGE Partner status can get a professional Ready-To-Go Website and they can utilize BoatBooker Web Widgets on multiple websites. In this package you will have the opportunity to scroll your Newsletter to unlimited number of subscribers.


The price list is valid from 1st January 2018. BoatBooker reserves the right to change the product’s prices at any time. In case of any price changes, we will always publish a notification on app.boatbooker.net homepage, at least 30 days in advance. Various BoatBooker products are available based on your chosen status. All prices are based on annual contracts.

All prices are based on annual contracts.

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