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BoatBooker partner models for all business sizes. Select the right mix of products and services that best suit your needs.

    Basic Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Subscriber Monthly Fee   95€ 135€ 195€ 275€ 555€
Partner Monthly fee (1)   55€ 75€ 95€ 125€ 295€
Booking Assistant            
Nautical CRM  
System Activation & Education*  
Brand Customization Pack*  
Offer Creator          
Client Pages          
Web Widgets - 1 Website            
Newsletter - 2,500 Subscribers          
Agency Website*          
Conversion Booster          
Newsletter - Unlimited Subscribers  
Business Intelligence  
Web Widgets - Multiple Websites  
Multi-Brands Pack*  
Process Excellence  
Advanced Business Intelligence  

(1) In all Partner models it is necessary to track all bookings in BoatBooker.

Alternatively, if bookings are not tracked in BoatBooker, we reserve the right to switch you into the subscriber model.

Double promotions WEEKLY + DAILY:

+ 70 € + 70 € + 70 € + 70 € + 70 €


*Product Set-up fees
System Activation & Education 200 €
XML API 850 €
Premium web from 5000 €
Ready to Go website 1250 €
BBUSS 5000 €
Brand customization from 80 €


Become our Basic Partner by tracking your bookings in BoatBooker to access many advanced features.

Bronze Partners get access to essential Charter Agency tools designed to optimize and speed up your entire booking process, from inquiry through offer to booking. Access to Special Discounts published by Fleet Operators and a fully functional CRM solution is included.

Partners can utilize Web Widgets to turn their website into a powerful booking engine and greatly increase the number of incoming inquiries. Newsletter tools are included so you can keep in touch with your clients and get them to make repeat bookings.

Partners can get a professional Ready-To-Go Website, they can utilize BoatBooker Web Widgets on multiple websites, get access to BoatBooker XML and use the Business Intelligence module, designed to give you a comparative advantage over the competition.

Partners get access to premium Charter Agency features, including Process Excellence, which provides you with professional consulting services, they can create multiple brands and use Advanced Business Intelligence, to help you refine your business strategy.


This pricelist is valid from 1st January 2018 until further notice. The official pricelist is always the one published at BoatBooker reserves the right to change the product’s prices at any time. In case of any price changes, we will always publish a notification on homepage, at least 30 days in advance. All above prices are based on annual contracts. Partner plans are only applicable if bookings are tracked in BoatBooker, otherwise Subscriber plans are applicable, with pricing defined at

The list of BoatBooker certified fleet operators is available at LINK

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