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Key Features

Here we provide you with the list of important software features that will make the business process much simpler and more efficient. Learn how to easily save more time and put less effort in your everyday routine!

Booking Assistant
BoatBooker Booking Assistant is a set of tools intended for use in your daily operations. It enables you to be more productive and save time & money by replacing manual work.  Keep everything you need for doing business in a central, easily accesible place.

  • Access more than 14,100 boats with accurate technical details
  • Access contact details of more than 1010 fleet operators
  • Create and promote your agency discounts on all or selected boats

Nautical CRM
Turn your contacts with clients and partners into longlasting and profitable business relationships. BoatBooker Nautical CRM makes it easy to store and organize all information about the people you communicate with, so you don’t have to waste your time on to-do lists or poorly organized desk folders. You will be able to manage every aspect of your client and partner communication in one central location.

  • BoatBooker provides you with a list of partners (fleet operator companies) when you first join the system, along with all their publicly available data
  • Manage your company's relationships and interactions with direct clients and partners
  • Access your information from anywhere in the world and from any internet-accessible device
  • Keep all your client and partner details in one central place
  • You can enter  and update specific client data, such as sailing experience, skipper licence, crew list & documents, family information...
  • Possible import of your existing list of clients/partners (xls, csv)
  • Get a fast overview of previous interactions with clients and partners
  • Quickly update all relevant information
  • Improve your profitability
  • Never lose your data

Offer Creator
Offer Creator is a tool designed specifically to increase the productivity of charter agents by greatly reducing the time needed to prepare accurate, informative and great looking offers for clients. Use Offer Creator with other BoatBooker solutions for maximum efficiency!Greatly reduce the response time to clients with real-time availability and a professional offer creation tools.

  • Professional and customizable templates for communication with clients and partners
  • All your inquiries, offers, bookings, clients and partners in one place
  • Have great looking offers

Client Pages
BoatBooker Client Pages provide your clients with a personalized experience while browsing offered boats, sending necessary documents in the post-booking process or giving feedback about their vacation. Client Pages greatly improve your conversion rates, present your agency in a highly professional way and save you time and money.

  • Get your client to book immediately while they are browsing your offer
  • Present your offer in a modern, attractive way on a client’s personal page
  • Easily arrange postbooking details and exchange necessary documents with your client
  • Your client receives a central place where he can access all important information regarding his trip
  • Receive feedback & photos from your client and present them as testimonials on your web
  • Insert Client Pages in your agency web site with your own branding
  • Provide access to necessary documents to Fleet Operators

Web Widgets

BoatBooker Web Widgets (Promo Boxes and Search Engine) are easily integrated into your Web Site. Their purpose is to empower your clients to find a boat they are interested in and send you an informative inquiry, which saves
you valuable time and increases client satisfaction.

  • Turn your Web Site into a powerful booking engine
  • BoatBooker Web Widgets empower your clients to find a boat they are interested in, which means less effort for you
  • Emphasize the best deals on your agency Web Site with fully customizable BoatBooker Promo Boxes
  • Promote your agency discounts on all or selected boats directly on your Web Site
  • Full customization of your Web Widgets - design, content and translation in multiple languages
  • Greatly reduce your response time to clients and boost your conversion rates with real-time availability
  • Let your clients choose from more than 14,100 boats with accurate technical deta

BoatBooker Newsletter enables you to be efficient in staying in touch with your clients. Professional, customizable templates in multiple languages, campaign statistics and easy customization of mailing lists are at your disposal to win repeat customers and easily increase the number of your bookings.

  • Increase your bookings by informing your clients about various promotions (i.e. last minute, etc.)
  • Use filters to target specifically selected groups of clients (i.e. per different language)
  • Professional, fully customizable, mutlilingual templates ready for your content
  • Powerful, convenient features designed specifically for charter agencies
  • Insightful reporting and statistics of your campaigns

Agency Website
Having a SEO optimized website means better positioning in Google search results. We use our large boat
database and our technical know-how in order to fully optimize your website for Google and push it to - page 1! Boatbooker can provide you with a professional, SEO-friendly website fully connected to a modern booking management platform. Adapting your company to your customer’s preferences is essential if you wish to stay competitive and attract new clients.

  • Professionally designed Website according to your preferences
  • Turn your Website into a powerful booking engine
  • Real-time boat availability displayed to your clients
  • Effortless adding or updating of content via CMS (Content Management System)
  • Professional webmastering by BoatBooker team
  • Website optimized for mobile devices
  • Improve your position on Google search results
  • Premium, personalized content
  • Keyword optimization for each supported language
  • Technical optimization of your Website (HTML titles, META content, anchor texts, ...)
  • Detailed traffic overview and statistics through Google Analytics
  • Gives you an edge in the saturated yacht charter market
  • Social media integration (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Professional hosting service
  • Full integration with Booking Assistant - no need for updates in multiple places
  • Option to integrate online payment

With BoatBooker XML data you can get access to the largest source of yacht information and receive updates in
real-time. Making use of these services can greatly improve the performance of your website and increase the number of bookings. BoatBooker APIs can load data via XML  web services and no iFrames of any kind will be necessary, which will boost your search engine rankings.

  • The world's biggest boat database at your disposal - more than 14,100 boats (2,500+ with real time availability)
  • New fleets automatically added to your XML stream without any effort from your side
  • No need for expensive database maintenance, updates are made by BoatBooker team
  • New fleet operators price lists are instantly synced to your Web
  • Up to date information on boat equipment and available extras
  • Import received data into your own back office system for further processing
  • Cut down response times to your clients due to real-time available boats
  • Boost your profits, get an additional commission for each booking from selected fleet operators
  • Maximize performance with embedded SEO - friendly solutions
  • Replace iFrames with embedded SEO-friendly solutions
  • Full control over layout and behaviour of Web Widgets
  • Integrate parts of BoatBooker into your custom back office
  • Easily transfer and process data to and from BoatBooker

Does your company have more brands or more than one website? BoatBooker provides the option to separate all
clients, partners, inquiries and other booking components per each brand. Multiple brand-management, helps you increase the efficiency of your company and maintain brand consistency.

  • Manage multiple brands from one single account
  • Deliver a unique user experience across every product
  • Create separate Clients and Partners lists for each brand
  • Have inquiries (and other booking components) automatically assigned to the appropriate brand
  • Full customization of your e-mail templates and Web Widgets for each brand,  according to your own wishes (or brand visual identity)

Conversion Booster
Getting more bookings is a constant challenge for every Charter Agency. Converting visitors into customers requires special know-how, good timing and proper tools. BoatBooker’s Conversion Booster is an innovative new set of tools designed to improve your conversion rate. Whenever a potential client opens your offer, you will receive a notification (via email) and will be able to contact them immediately and get them more interested in booking with you.

  • Send a unique URL to your client which will lead them to their personal Client page where they can view your offer(s) and send you booking requests
  • Receive a notification (via email) as soon as your potential customer is viewing your offer(s)
  • This gives you the precious opportunity to offer immediate assistance to your customers
  • Set your agency apart from the competition with a fast response time & first class client service which will ensure you increased booking rates
  • Catch up hesitating customers
  • Present your offer in a modern, attractive way on a client’s personal page

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