What are the top regions for charter business?

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One of the branches of tourism, nautical tourism, especially charter industry, is increasing in numbers and people wanting to charter.

Nowadays, people are searching for active relaxation. It is no longer attractive to the guest to be in the same place for long period of time. Massive tourism is slowing down and active/adventure tourism is becoming a trend.

In that active tourism trend, charter industry is slowly becoming a leader. Years of being in the charter industry business has helped us gain insight in the most popular destinations that guests like to charter in.

Regions for charter

Two typical questions that are coming up while wanting to charter are always the same:

  • Where to go? The first question experienced sailors and not so experienced sailors ask themselves before making an inquiry.
  • Which type of a boat to charter? Sailing yacht, catamaran, gulet.. It depends on the preferences and the type of vacation guests want to have. This also raises up a question if the boats chartered are better with age or not?(in our next post we will discuss it)

Where to go

Although chartering a sailing yacht, motor boat or catamaran is possible nowadays everywhere in the world, three areas in the world have the biggest boat offer compared to the other parts of the world:

East Mediterranean (Adriatic region, Greece, Turkey)

  • Physically very close to large emitive clients market like Western Europe, but also new emitive markets like Russia, Poland and other East European countries. This region has been attractive to guests from Europe for many years, however in the last two years the area from Croatia to Montenegro has bloomed in the chartering industry
  • Calm shores with lots of island to explore with a sailing or motor yacht
  • Long summer season (May to October)

West Mediterranean (West from Italy, Spain, France)

  • Closest shores to Western Europe. In the last year (2015) we have seen an increase in sailing in this area, particularly in Spain and their islands
  • Long summer season (May to October)

West Indies (Caribbean area)

  • Sub tropical and tropical area, suitable for sailing more or less throughout the year. Also very big in the chartering industry, however much more popular in the winter time in Europe

  • Physically close to North American clients

*These three areas offer 90% of the boats available to charter as it is shown on the pie chart.

Whatever destination is chosen, surely it will be an unforgettable experience!

What destinations can you recommend which are not yet fully discovered? We would love to hear your feedback regarding this.

In the next post: After choosing a destination, client needs to decide which type of boat to choose; sailing yacht, catamaran, new or old. Check out the next post in which we will share our insight on these questions.

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