Sailboat,catamaran.. Select the perfect boat type for your charter area

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While choosing your charter destination seems easy, choosing a boat type, now there is another story. 

BoatBooker has a privilege to show you the glimpse of nautical industry and the trends behind the stage. 

Check out these tips for your perfect boat choice. 

Choosing your perfect boat type depends entirely on preferences you and your crew may have. Some love an active vacation, while other love their space with a lot of sunbathing and relaxing.

To help you in this decision we have mixed up some tips.

When we are talking about boats there are 4 main groups: 

  1. Sailboats- the most popular type of yacht, presents 72% of total number of charted boats
  2. Catamarans- also very popular group of boats and they provide more space on board then sailboats
  3. Motorboats- they offer quick transfer for the additional fuel costs
  4. Other boats- smaller group of boats that include mega yachts, gulets and etc. 

Now when you know your options it is time to select the right one for your charter area. 

Just a small reminder, there are 3 main charter areas (Caribbean region, East and West Mediterranean).

In the Caribbean region, catamarans are the most chartered boats. The reason is shore type, where shallow shores push the fleet operator to charter them as an easier to "sail and moor" option. Catamarans have advantages such as shoal draft (good for shallow-water cruising grounds and for tucking into quiet coves for lunch and swim), an incredible amount of space and better stability then other boat types.

Between East and West Mediterranean regions situation is a little different. Sailboats are the most popular boat types in these areas. Sailboats have advantages such as no fuel needed- wind is your guide, it can provide you with an active holiday and they can be very affordable depending on the season time. In second place are catamarans and third place belongs to motorboats. Motorboats advantages are speed, carrying capacity and number of people on board.

While you read some general tips regarding the boat types, let us walk you through tips for the perfect boat type depending of your expectations: 

  •  If you like to set sail and spend your holiday actively, in a dinamic setting while sunbathing, chartering a sailboat is the right choice for you
  • If you want to go off to the sunset on a stable, spacious boat with your family or friends, we would recommend you a catamaran
  • Last but not least, for all of you adrenalin driven people who are not afraid of speed, you should try to charter a motorboat

Hopefully you will find these tips useful! 

And remember: talk about your choice with your Charter agent and/ or Fleet operator!

Safe sails and have fun till our next post!

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