Perfect pieces of paradise on Croatian coast

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If you are tired of visiting overcrowded and well known places during your charter we have perfect places for your vacation.

Here are top 5 of our choice with short description.

1. Blue cave

This amazing place is situated on the Biševo island in northwestern part of Croatia. With its silvery-blue color, created by light refraction of sunlight entering through a crack in the stone, it leaves nobody indifferent. It wasn’t until recently that the cave was open for public and it has been a must-see location ever since its opening.

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2. Stiniva cove

One of the breathtaking places is definitely Stiniva cove. It is set on island Vis and it is unique experience to have a swimming and sunbathing in deeply blue sea surrounded by high cliffs. It is almost impossible to reach to the Stiniva cove by feet so charter is perfect choice.

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3. Biskupići beach

Also popular destination for boaters, Biskupići beach is set on the island Krk and called Gold beach. You can access to it only by boat and it is definitely worth seeing because the almost white pebbled beach is neither too big nor wide, but surrounded by an impressive rocky landscape.

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4. Sakarun beach

One of the most amazing places is Caribbean beach on Croatian way. Sakarun beach is situated on Long island and every year it is being visited by more and more people. There is no building development within sight and the intense turquoise-blue sea will make your stay unforgettable. While you are in Long island we would like to mention one more attraction that you can visit. It is Lighthouse on Veli rat that is built in 1849, it is 42 meters high and today it is the highest lighthouse in the Adriatic. This Lighthouse is one of the most romantic places in Croatia, so if you are interested...

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5. Meli Beach

On the southern part of Island Cres you can find on of the most beautiful hidden beaches in Croatia. Meli Beach is definitely one of them and the best way to visit it is by boat. Untouched nature and crystal clean sea make this place very special. One of the good sides of the Meli Beach is that it is never overcrowded so you will have peaceful relaxation here.

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