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Every searching of a boat has a process. Clients start looking at the destinations to sail and deciding on a type of boat to sail on. Usually there is a question, which boat to charter, new ones or older ones.

As we announced in the first post we are going to share about the most necessary thing for every charter, a vessel(boat).

There are many parameters that influence on choice of vessels such as preferences of the client, shore type and etc. Generally talking, sailboats and catamarans are the most popular group of boats in almost every charter area.

Like in every industry, offer corresponds to the demand and it depends in charter industry of various parameters, such as for example shore type. (More about boat saturation by shore type for the three main charter areas you can find in out next post)

Our place in the charter industry has allowed to gather some information of the investments done through out the years.

When the world economic crisis hit in 2008 charter industry which had increasing investment, investments stopped and the number of new boats significantly dropped in 2009. (see chart)

Investments at new boats

Since 2009 number of new boats in each category is stable and represents continuous investments in new boats over the years. In 2014 slight increase in investments (new boats) is visible from the chart, which indicates additional investment into charter industries.

However the big bloom for getting new vessels has not yet happened as it was before 2008.

That crisis guides us to the following question:

Which vessels are more popular, new or old?

While we see every day that the charter industry is growing and thus the demand for boats is increasing. Direct clients want to sail on newer boats but also on quality boats. Today clients are more demanding and want the worth for their money along with the experience of sailing.

Older boats in this industry do not mean lower quality at all, everything depends on the owner and how much care is put in that particular boat.

As an old saying says- New maybe is better, but not in every case.

According to growing popularity of charter business one thing came as a result; Chartering is now available for the bigger audience (young people wanting to sail and have fun; experiences that include sailing the shore and visiting different cities and enjoying the culture of each city in a few blissful days)

At the end, we can not say that new boats are better however seeing from our vast database they are the ones that clients search more. Maybe this is a product of a society and state of mind. Which ever it is, here needs to be a helpful hand from charter agents and fleet operators to point in the right direction.

In either case, new or old, you will get a taste of the sea no matter the age and that is what counts!

What are your experience and how do you see the battle new vs. old vessels?

Let us know your thoughts and comments!

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