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As BoatBooker always supports new trends and inovations we recognized potential in Nowboat.

Let us present you basic concept of this unique platform.

In May 2016 Nowboat launches 2.0 Platform. It is the first all-in-one seafaring platform which gives operators free business management tools, travelers exclusively-curated global sea adventures and environmental NGOs a fundraising platform.

It was founded by renowned designer Mr. Giovanni Alessi Anghini who as an adventurous kite-surfer saw what is missing in this business industry so he gathered experts for each part of the business and formed the .

Nowboat connects 3 main actors into one product.

Fleet operators who are 100% safe and loyal, customers which will have customized journey regarding his wishes and NGOs which take care about ecosystem.

As noted, Nowboat is basicaliy a necessity because of these three main goals:

1. To create an easy, fast, and enjoyable way for adventurers to satisfy their desire for discovery.
2. To support professional seafaring operators by making unique adventures available to all travelers.
3. To protect the oceans through environmental conservation and creating awareness.

Nowboat has answered on these goals through their three main tools.
1. Editor´s Pick
It is like a guide book with tips created on all experiences (positive and negative) from the best seafaring areas in the world.

2. Ask a Porter
It is a tool with which clients can directly reach all operators that offer the specific set of services required by the traveler. Here clients can customize their travel with this easy planning tool and in the end every client can have their truly personalized product.

3. NGO´s
Nowboat has a very high environmental awareness so each booking on will enable the customer to support an NGO by choosing from a pre-approved list of options. Some of NGOs listed include Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, Mission Blue, and more.

Fleet operators through our partnership have chance to be more visible and increase the number of your booking on both platforms.

What do you think about this concept, does it sound interesting?

BoatBooker wishes you many success in your future business and hopes you will take the chance to be involved in this opportunity!

Your BoatBooker team.

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