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Globalization has an influence in every business branch so in the business of a charter agencies as well.

Customer satisfaction, a lot of bookings and good reputation are always the main goals but the way how to achieve them has changed.

Take a look at some differences which have been made through time.

  • Communication between agencies and clients

In the past charter agents had to use phones and keep personal contact with their clients much more. The best way to acquire new contacts were boat shows and it was there they had to present themselves in the best way. Today emails and the Internet are the main communication channel and potential clients are mostly find online so there are no limits.

  • Boats in agencies base

One of the main goals for each agency is to have big number of boats as possible. Before it was pretty hard to collect all necessary information about them and often that information was insufficient. The whole process of updating price lists was much more difficult and wasn´t systemized.
Today Charter companies and agencies have an opportunity to join some of software systems to automatize the whole process from inquiry to booking and it has become very easy to buy a database with more than 14000 yachts. 

  • Do you remember times when you had to go to the agency office to find out some offers, ask for best prices or pay your booking?

That ritual became a thing of the past because we have Internet. Charter Agencies have websites with web services such as XML or web widgets (Availability box, Promo box) where client can in a few clicks compare offers that he is interested in and also complete his booking process in less than half an hour. 

  • Agencies costs

In the past, one of the biggest costs in the agency business was printing newsletters and brochures with news and offers. It was the most effective way to invite potential clients but nowadays they are sent via email. Today, Charter agency website is one of the main investments. Google ranking is in the focus of every agency and higher the ranking, bigger number of clients.

  • Well informed clients

Main focus of charter agencies are direct clients. Before, there wasn´t way for the client to know if he will get his money´s worth.
Today they are provided with all the necessary details about their booking through charter agency website or Internet in general. Clients know exactly what they want so the agent has make sure they are satisfied and there is no room for mistake. Clients can see all boat details, equipment, how the boat looks like, what extras do they have and the given product has to be the same.

Those were some of the differences but the main thing that stayed the same before and now is that every client has to be satisfied.

Nautic business is very dynamic business branch and if an agency wants to survive in such competition they have to keep up with all trends and invest constantly.

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