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Dear friends, partners and those who will become that.

BoatBooker presented something new for charter business this year on twICE.

Nowadays when globalization enabled communication between almost every business subjects it is necessary to improve it between each other.

BoatBooker Uni Sync Service is your ticket for more success in business without any borders.

BBUSS is standalone service that provides unique data stream to the final user - charter agency. It is very easy to use the BBUSS, you just have to enter data provider credentials into your web interface and sync can start. 

This is a solution for connecting all data providers and their bases into your own which you can customize in a way that you prefer.

There are no obstacles any more between the nautical systems and it allows you free sharing of availability amongst all included in charter business.

In the end, communication between charter agencies and fleet operators will be on a higher level.


- All providers available through one API interface for your website or back office integration.

- No workforce needed to maintain the mapping of boats, providers, etc.

- No painful building and development phase, service is soon ready to be used.


BBUSS is a standalone service and not connected with BoatBooker so your data sources will be protected and only yours. 

Also you will not be braking any terms and conditions from your data providers.


BBUSS is the right choice for you if you want to expand your data base on the most useful way.

It makes your job much more easier because you don´t have to apply every XML separately and then organize that much information step by step. In just one API you will have access to every XML that you want to integrate.

You as the client have control under your BBUSS and you can configure those information on a way that you want and decide which provider is primary for your fleet.

Does this sound interesting to you?

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