About Us

What we do?

Equipped with years of experience in the nautical industry we gained precious insight into practical day-to-day issues charter agencies and fleet operators encounter when performing their specific business tasks. Today, we are the leading IT platform for nautical networking with more than 350 active charter agencies and over 12,000 boats in our database.

A young team of highly motivated experts, organized in 7 professional teams (Product Development, Software Development, Content Management, Client Support, Finance, Marketing and Sales) is constantly working on enhancing BoatBooker software solutions in order to perfect them and help our Clients to achieve success in their core business.


We are constantly working on developing innovative software solutions and offering them first on the market. Some of our innovative products include Conversion Booster, Ready-To-Go Websites, Direct Client Booker and many more. Also, we provide numerous innovative tools within the core booking management modules, to make your job easier, quicker and more successful. By taking care of your complete booking process, BoatBooker allows you to invest time in growing the rest of your business.

User Focused

By continuously upgrading BoatBooker with new functionalities and enhancements, we are shaping BoatBooker in accordance with your suggestions and requests. Following the premise „You requested, we created“ we keep developing software solutions which will make your everyday business easier and help you increase your revenue. For an easy and straightforward navigation through BoatBooker, we have created BoatBooker Help Pages which guide you in great detail through the entire BoatBooker application. Our support and sales team are more than happy to provide you with personal workshops and professional assistance.

You can rely on our powerful online Booking system, as well as outstanding customer service and technical support for all our professional and consumer products and services. Our strong team of highly motivated experts provides you with consistently high-quality software solutions and customer care. Our Support Team is available Monday – Friday, 9AM – 5PM, Central European Time.

Get started with Boatbooker!

Feel free to get in touch with us to try the BoatBooker application or arrange a free workshop! As soon as we check the provided data and create credentials for you, you will receive an email with your user name and password, to log into BoatBooker.