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Marko Perica - CEO

Marko Perica is a CEO of BoatBooker. He is independent strategy, marketing and business development consultant, specializing in the media and B2B communication, with over 15 years experience. After attaining his MA in 2002, he moved onto a career in consulting and marketing industry at Imelda Ogilvy by creating pioneering processes in public relations and advertising in Croatia. Afterwards his career has immersed him in nearly every aspect of business development and operations, across a spectrum of consumer and B2B industries. Marko successfully led the development of new and existing projects, building teams, crafting products and guiding B2B operations. With a voracious appetite for communication and business leadership, Marko’s insight into communication and growth industries led him to the forefront of consultation and solutions for business community.




Edita Vasiljević - Sales Director

Edita has obtained a Masters Degree in Management in Tourism from the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management in Opatija.
From that point on she was eager to learn and work in tourism. The opportunity rose in BoatBooker. Edita has been with the company for over three years. In that time she has gone through several different positions and knows more than others what makes BoatBooker tick. Her continuous hard work and dedication has given her more than enough experience to tackle the position of Sales Director.


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